Spring West Coast Championship

Spring WCCThe Pac West Football League and the Airzona Gridiron Football League have partnered up to play a champion vs. champion and All-Star game we are tentatively calling the CAZ Bowl. We will run the championship games as well asĀ  the all star game on a rotating basis, with the title game and all star games going back and forth between Arizona and California. In order to sweeten the pot for the traveling championship team they will host the all star game following the championship game.

Additionally a second bowl game will be held with the #2 Pac West team facing the winner of the WWFL in a neutral site game to be held in the High Desert area. In 2015 this game will become a semi-final for the Spring Football West Coast Championship game. The idea is to have the Pac West, AZGFL, and Wild West champions plus a Wild Card team to create a 4 team play off system.

The 2014 Post season bowl schedule will look like this:

Sun & Sea Bowl: Pac West Champion vs. AZGFL Champion

Silver & Gold Bowl: Pac West Division Champion vs. WWFL Champion

CAZ Bowl: Pac West All-Stars (California) vs. AZGFL All- Stars (Arizona)


The dates will be set for late may following the league championship games.



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