USA Pac West

#1- Southern California Elite (3-0 overall) 2-0 Pac West/ 1-0 Southern Division.

The Elite traveled to to play the Hi Desert Heat in week 2 of Pac West play and came away with a 65-0 victory. The Elite mantain their #1 Position and up next are the #3 ranked 2-0 Santa Clarita Skyhawks.

#2 High Desert Rams 2-0 Pac West/2-0 Northern Division

The Rams maintained their hold on the #2 spot and top spot in the Northern Division with a 20-7 victory over the Bakersfield Sharks. The Rams hit the road to face their first Southern Division foe of the season the East LA Spartans (0-2 Pac West /1-2 Overall).

#3 Santa Clarita Skyhawks 2-0 Pac West/1-0 Northern Division

The Skyhawks are coming off their second straight tough victory with a 20-6 win over the Southeast Pirates. The Skyhawks have been battle tested in the first 2 weeks, they will need the same gritty performances to keep pace with the #1 Ranked Elite next weekend.

#4 Bakersfield Sharks (1-2 Overall) 0-2 Pac West/0-2 Northern Division

The Sharks are sitting at #4 with two tough losses out of the gate and what’s worse is they are divisional losses which really puts the pressure on the Sharks. The Sharks get a break from division play but walk into what could be an early season trap game as they will play the LA Falcons, the Sharks are approaching the must win scenarios and a loss dropping them to 0-3 will put them on thin ice to reach the post season.

#5 Los Angeles Falcons 1-1 Pac West/1-1 Southern Division

This is the strangest ranking in the history of power rankings. The Falcons who are coming off a very much improved fall season have yet to actually play a Pac West game yet sit at 1-1 and strangely enough I have the feeling they are the sleeping giant of the league. That doesn’t mean I believe they will leap frog the top 3 but a win this weekend puts the Falcons solidly in the top half of the league .

#6 Southeast Pirates 1-1 Pac West/1-0 Southern Division

The Pirates played their first ever game last weekend in a tough 20-7 loss versus the Skyhawks and the Pirates look to be building a solid nucleus moving forward. The Pirates head out to face the struggling Hi Desert Heat which could bode well for the young Pirates as a win here sets them up for play off contention early in the season.

#7 East LA Spartans (1-2 overall) 0-2 Pac West/0-2 Southern Division

The Spartans are experiencing the growing pains of a new organization but they are from from buried, unfortunate circumstances led to them having to drop last weeks game but this week is a new week and the Spartans for the second time in 3 weeks have to face a top ranked opponent as they play the High Desert Rams. The Spartans need this one to show they belong in the hunt for the play offs.

#8 Hi Desert Heat 0-2 Pac West/0-1 Northern Division

The Heat have started off on a cold streak, dropping the first 2 games against arguably the toughest schedule for a first year team in recent memory being shut out 38-0 by the 2013 Pac West runner up Rams and then 65-0 against the Pac West Champs Elite, if the next opponent was the Skyhawks I’d say the Heat were about to be in real trouble but they have the Pirates coming up next. The Heat need to put some points on the board and it will be a tough task against a tough Pirates squad that the Skyhawks said were a solid team. The Heat have nowhere to go but up, the climb out of the basement starts Saturday.


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