Pac West Power Rankings #4

USA Pac West

#1 Southern California Elite 4-0 Pac West (1-0 South Division) 5-0 Overall

The Elite are sitting at the number 1 spot once again adding to their almost 2 season undefeated streak, this week they face the Southeast Pirates out of San Diego in a Southern Division match up. The Elite have been led so far by outstanding performances from Kimo Hutchinson and Kyle Parrish and look to improve to 5-0 in league play as well as complete control of the southern division. Until something changes the #1 spot stays with the Elite for another week.


#2 High Desert Rams 4-0 Pac West (3-0 North Division)

The Rams who have a firm grip on the #2 spot in the league and a firm grip on the #1 Seed in the North divison play off bracket play outside the division against the surging LA Falcons. The Rams I’m sure are looking forward to this test as it will be the second week in a row that they will be facing a #3 ranked team in the league trying to come up on their spot. The Rams have to be eye balling that week 9 match up with the Elite but this week will be a good test to see where the Rams heads are really at mentally and not look too far ahead.

#3 LA Falcons 3-1 Pac West (2-1 South Division)

The Falcons recent climb up the rankings has them poised to take a shot at the #1 and #2 ranked teams in the next 2 weeks. First up the #2 ranked High Desert Rams. The Falcons have gutted out a couple of tough wins since having a slow start to the season due to field issues but now they they have hit the field the Falcons are starting to roll just a little, lets see where the chips fall after this weeks game.

#4 Santa Clarita Skyhawks 2-2 Pac West (1-1 North Division)

The Skyhawks were right on the edge of taking control of the North Division but a close loss to the Rams puts them at #2 in the north and #4 overall which is still not a bad spot as it will get them a home play off game as long as they stay ahead of the Sharks and Heat. Speaking of the Heat after a 2-0 start and back to back games against the Elite and Rams the Skyhawks have they rebound game against the Heat, on paper this is just what the doctor ordered but lets see if the Skyhawks remain focused and lock up that home play off spot.

#5 Southeast Pirates 2-2 Pac west (1-0 South Division)

The Pirates are looking at their biggest test to date in their young history, the So Cal Elite. This week is a chance for the lone San Diego spring squad to make a huge statement of fall back into the pack and try to hold on to a play off spot this game can go a long way in having home field advantage over the Falcons or even having a chance to catch the Elite should they slip up somewhere else along the way, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Pirates need this one to get the ball rolling.

#6 Bakersfield Sharks 2-3 Pac West (0-2 North Division) 3-3 Overall

The Sharks are a team that to this point have had a very unconventional season, however there is life going forward for the Sharks as they are the beneficiary of a W due to a forfeit by the East LA Spartans and are now sitting at 2-3. The Sharks have a date with the High Desert Rams in week 6, with the extra week to prepare could this be the big win that sets the Sharks season back on the right path?

#7 East LA Spartans 0-5 Pac West (0-3 South Division) 1-5 Overall

The Spartans have had troubles on and off the field but have played hard and tough when they have hit the field. Can the organization get past these troubles and if so can they turn it around and still make it to the play offs? With a forfeit loss this week the Spartans play off season starts in week 6 with a must win vs. the Southeast Pirates, if the Spartans fall in that one they will more than likely playing out the season for pride.

#8 Hi Desert Heat 0-4 Pac West (0-1 North Division)

The Heat finally cracked the scoreboard after 3 weeks on ice, can they build off of that momentum this week against the Skyhawks. With the struggles of the Sharks the Heat are not mathematically eliminated from the play offs yet, can the youngsters from Yucca Valley overcome the once high flying Skyhawks and keep their play off lives on life support for another week or will the Skyhawks pull the plug?



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