West Coast Championship Rankings Week 1

At the end of the 2015 Spring Season the Spring West Coast Championship will be held with a 4 team play off to determine the Duo Sports West Coast Championship.

The winner of the CAZ Championship game between the Pac West Champion and Arizona Gridiron Champion will play the Winner of the Golden State/Silver State Championship game between the Wild West Champion and the Top ranked Independent team.


#1 Southern California Elite (Pac West)- 2 time defending Pac West Champions, defending Far West Champions, and going on their 3rd season undefeated; the Elite rolled to a 37-6 win in their 3rd Annual International Classic vs. the Ensenada Diablos, until someone beats them the top spot is theirs.

#2 Phoenix Outlaws (AZGFL)- The defending AZGFL champions started their 2015 campaign with a bang defeating the Imperial Valley Knights 56-6 in the season opener. The Outlaws are on a mission to meet the Elite in the CAZ Bowl once again.

#3 Vegas Trojans (WWFL)- The defending WWFL Spring Champions are coming off of a solid Fall season in the LCFL and are now looking to regain their championship form, they have yet to play a spring game as the WWFL spring season begins March 7.

#4 Santa Clarita Skyhawks (Pac West)- The 2014 Pac West North Division Champions and League Runner Up have been taking no prisoners thus far in 2015 with pre season wins over the NDPF/APFL Vegas Lions, and PCFC/Spring Independent Valley Heat to go along with a season opening home win over the Bakersfield Broncos of the SJVFL. The Skyhawks which are the oldest active Pac West team are looking to take the next step up and for a rematch with the Elite , however before that they must take on the #5 ranked team and the team that won the 2014 North Division regular season championship the High Desert Rams next week in Victorville in the first key match up of the season.

#5 High Desert Rams (Pac West)- The Rams finished last regular season with just one loss and were on their way to a rematch with their rival the So Cal Elite when they were upset at home by the Skyhawks, this season the Rams open up at home with a chance to get revenge and position themselves for home field advantage in the play offs with a big win early in the season.

#6 Phoenix Phantoms (AZGFL)- The Phoenix Phantoms road to the AZGFL championship started with a 52-2 victory over the Norther Arizona Wolverines. Next up for the Phantoms is a chance to knock off the defending AZGFL Champion Outlaws and position themselves for a championship run. It might only be week 2 but there is a lot on the line for the Phantoms.

#7 Riverside Redskins (Independent)- The Redskins have kicked off their inaugural season with smothering defense so far in their wins over the East LA Spartans and Compton Panthers. The Redskins will be tested when they play the Santa Clarita Skyhawks and So Cal Elite later in the season and we will see how they fair against the remaining independents and WWFL teams they face but as it stands now they look to be heading to the Final 4 as the Independent Wild Card to take on the Wild West Champion for a spot in the West Coast Championship Game.

#8 Yuma Sun Devils (AZGFL)- The Sun Devils had some growing pains in 2014 as do most first year teams but new year new league and new opening day results as the Sun Devils formerly of the WWFL kicked off their season with a 15-8 win over the East Valley Ravens to start off 1-0 in AZGFL play. Next up for the Sun Devils is the AZ/Cali border war with the Imperial Valley Knights.

#9 East LA Spartans (Pac West)- The Spartans have played 2 games so far and have come out 1-1 but 1-0 in regular season play, a home loss to a solid Riverside Redskins team and a solid victory over the Valley Heat have the Spartans rolling into their BYE week with a little momentum, but the first test comes after the BYE when they face the High Desert Rams.

#10 Vegas Steelers (WWFL)- Formerly known as the Las Vegas Cobras the Steelers kicked off the new season and new name with a victory over the New York Demon Knights on the Campus of UNLV. Can the Steelers keep it rolling? We’ll find out as WWFL league play kicks off on March 7th.

#11 Vegas Panthers (WWFL)- The Panthers kicked off their 2015 campaign with a 20- 12 victory over the Idaho All Stars in non-league play. The Panthers will be back in action March 7 along with the rest of the Wild West.

#12 Compton Panthers (WWFL/Independent)- Even as of this writing I’m not entirely sure of the status of the Panthers as it pertains to league play but I do know they dropped the season opener to the Riverside Redskins which hurts them in the independent rankings but they remain 0-0 in Wild West play, they may be the only team to play in “2 leagues” concurrently.

#13 East Valley Ravens (AZGFL)- The Ravens dropped the season opener to the Yuma Sun Devils 15-8, the Ravens get a chance to rebound next week when they play a Northern Arizona Wolverines team that was defeated soundly 52-2 by the Phoenix Phantoms.

#14 Valley Heat (Independent)- The Valley Heat who are playing a limited spring independent schedule are sitting at 0-2 after facing Pac West members Santa Clarita and East LA, but still have a chance to advance if they can muster up wins over the Compton Panthers, Riverside Redskins, and possibly the IE Ryders, but for now its back to the drawing board at 0-2.

#15 Imperial Valley Knights (AZGFL)- The only California team in the AZGFL has struggled since joining the league in 2014 and kicked off the 2015 campaign on the wrong side of a 56-6 beating at the hands of the Phoenix Outlaws. The Knights have talent but haven’t been able to put it together since 2013, step 1 is a victory over their rivals on the AZ/CA border the Yuma Sun Devils next weekend.

#16 Northern Arizona Wolverines (AZGFL)- The Wolverines played their first ever game Saturday against a hungry Phoenix Phantoms team and found themselves victimized 52-2. The Wolverines must fight through first year growing pains and next up are the East Valley Ravens who are looking to rebound from their week 1 loss and get back in the hunt in the AZGFL.

#18 Vegas Hawks (WWFL)- The Hawks are a first year team but have experienced ownership and coaches in the WWFL. They are only ranked here because they have yet to play a game, but we will see where the Hawks stand this season as they have big tests in league vs. the Vegas Trojans and non-league vs. the High Desert Rams.

#19 Desert Vipers (Pac West)- The Vipers like the Hawks are a new team but with some experience as the head coach/owner was a coach for the Hi Desert Heat along with several players. The Heat struggled last Spring in the Pac West and fall in the NDPFL but improved near the end of the season including a shootout with the Spartans in the season finale of the 2014 Pac West season, let’s see what new ownership and a new name can do to rejuvenate the boys in the desert.

#20 Ventura Hogs (Pac West Provisional)- The Hogs are in a strange position being that they are playing but not looking to advance. They are currently on course to join the Pac West in the Spring of 2016 and will play 4 games this spring (3 vs. Pac West opponents). The Hogs will get their baptism by fire as they will play a home and away schedule vs. the High Desert Rams and host the Santa Calrita Skyhawks, their only non-league game will be against the police team the Bakersfield Falcons.

#21 Inland Empire Ryders (Independent)- The Ryders have a completely brand new program and not much is known about them but they like the Hogs will get baptism by fire by playing Pac West heavy hitters the Rams and Elite in their short season and I’m sure a meeting with the Redskins can’t be too far off…


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