West Coast Championship Rankings Week 2

The scores from Week 2 in the Pac West were:

So Cal Elite 47- Desert Vipers 10

Santa Clarita Skyhawks 45- High Desert Rams 18


AZGFL Scores:

Phoenix Outlaws 23- Phoenix Phantoms 19

Northern Arizona Wolverines 14- East Valley Ravens 6

Yuma Sun Devils 31- Imperial Valley Knights 28



#1 So Cal Elite (Pac West) – The Elite win streak continues with a 47-10 victory over the Desert Vipers to move to 2-0 on the season. The Elite are off next week but will face the East LA Spartans on Feb 28th.

#2Phoenix Outlaws (AZGFL) – The Outlaws won the first showdown of the 2015 AZGFL season with 23-19 win over the Phoenix Phantoms, there is a good chance that the second meeting between these teams later in the season will determine the number 1 seed in the AZGFL play offs. Up next for the Outlaws are the East Valley Ravens.

#3 Santa Clarita Skyhawks (Pac West) – The Skyhawks have moved to 2-0 in regular season and 4-0 in overall play after an impressive 45-18 win over the High Desert Rams who were previously ranked #5. Skyhawks are off next week but return to action Feb. 28th in a return match against the Bakersfield Broncos.

#4 Vegas Trojans (WWFL)- The Trojans are just waiting until they kick off their regular season in 3 weeks to lay claim to a higher spot on the list,but as favorites to win the WWFL the Trojans will be in the mix for the West Coast Championship.

#5 Riverside Redskins (Independent) – The Redskins who have been solid in their victories over the Spartans and Panthers and have built a solid squad and later in the season will be tested against the Elite and Skyhawks. Up next Desert Vipers.

#6 Phoenix Phantoms (AZGFL)- The Phantoms came up just short in a close game with the Outlaws, they will be looking to even the score later in the season but the next team on deck is the Imperial Valley Knights.

#7 Yuma Sun Devils (AZGFL)- The Sun Devils after a shoot out 31-28 victory of the Imperial Valley Knights in Calexico have moved to 2-0 and have a shot to start their 2015 season 3-0 when the face the Northern Arizona Wolverines this weekend.

#8 East LA Spartans (Pac West)- The Spartans are 1-1 overall and 1-0 in regular season play have the chance to cement themselves in the top 10 or fall back into the crowd as the host the High Desert Rams in a top 10 clash on Saturday night.

#9 High Desert Rams (Pac West)- The Rams season started in a battle of top 5 teams and this week a battle of top 10 teams. The Rams loss drops them down a few spots but have a chance to reboud right away and possibly jump up a few spots, at this point the Rams definitely have the toughest strength of schedule in this young season.

#10 Vegas Steelers (WWFL)- The Steelers formerly Cobras are 1-0 overall after defeating the Empire State Demon Knights in New York a couple of weeks back and looking to get started on their WWFL campaign and challenge the Trojans for the top spot in Vegas.

#11 Vegas Panthers (WWFL)- The Panthers kicked off their 2015 campaign with a 20- 12 victory over the Idaho All Stars in non-league play. The Panthers will be back in action March 7 along with the rest of the Wild West.

#12 San Diego Hornets (Independent/Pac West)- The Hornets who were going to sit out the season will play as an independent this season before rejoining the Pac West next spring, if the Hornets can keep the strong nucleus of players they had coming into the season they can make a push for the top 10 and possibly challenge the Independent front running Redskins  for a shot at the West Coast championship play off as a wild card.

#13 Compton Panthers (WWFL/Independent)- The Panthers were idle last week and will be back in action when the Wild West kicks off on March 7.

#14 Northern Arizona Wolverines (AZGFL)- The Wolverines picked up their first win in franchise history over the East Valley Ravens 14-6, and they are looking to keep it rolling this weekend against the dramatically improved Yuma Sun Devils.

#15 Valley Heat (Independent)- The heat who are currently 0-2 have a game coming up with the Riverside Redskins in what will be the 3rd game of the season for the heat vs. Top 10 opponents.

#16 Imperial Valley Knights (AZGFL)- The Knights fell to 0-2 after losing to their local rival Yuma Sun Devils 31-28, but played tough and have the unenviable task of facing the 1-1 Phantoms who are coming off a 4 point loss to the defending AZGFL Champs Outlaws.

#17 East Valley Ravens (AZGFL)- The Ravens have struggled mightly this season but need to turn it around quick to get into contention in the AZGFL. Next up for the Ravens the undefeated Phoenix Outlaws.

#18 Vegas Hawks (WWFL)- The Hawks are a first year team but have experienced ownership and coaches in the WWFL. They are only ranked here because they have yet to play a game, but we will see where the Hawks stand this season as they have big tests in league vs. the Vegas Trojans and non-league vs. the High Desert Rams.

#19 Desert Vipers (Pac West)- The Vipers had the tough job of playing their first ever game against the #1 Elite, however they played tough en route to a 47-10 loss, this week they face their second straight top 10 opponent in the Riverside Redskins.

#20 Ventura Hogs (Pac West Provisional)- The Hogs are in a strange position being that they are playing but not looking to advance. They are currently on course to join the Pac West in the Spring of 2016 and will play 4 games this spring (3 vs. Pac West opponents). The Hogs will get their baptism by fire as they will play a home and away schedule vs. the High Desert Rams and host the Santa Calrita Skyhawks, their only non-league game will be against the police team the Bakersfield Falcons.

#21 Inland Empire Ryders (Independent)- The Ryders have a completely brand new program and not much is known about them but they like the Hogs will get baptism by fire by playing Pac West heavy hitters the Rams and Elite in their short season and I’m sure a meeting with the Redskins can’t be too far off…


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