West Coast Championship Rankings Week 4

Pac West Scores

So Cal Elite 37- East LA Spartans 12

High Desert Rams 22- Desert Vipers 20

San Diego Hornets 36- Vegas Hawks 6


AZGFL Scores

Phoenix Phantoms 24- East Valley Ravens 0

Phoenix Outlaws 37- Yuma Sun Devils 0

Northern Arizona Wolverines 12- Imperial Valley Knights 6


Independent Score

Riverside Redskins 28- Compton Panthers 0



#1 So Cal Elite 3-0 (Pac West) – The Elite rolled to a 37-12 victory over the much improved East LA Spartans to move to 3-0 and maintain their #1 ranking this week they are off and return to action March 14.

#2Phoenix Outlaws 4-0 (AZGFL) – The Outlaws dominated the previously unbeaten Yuma Sun Devils 37-0 to continue their march towards a rematch with the So Cal Elite in the CAZ Championship, up next the Northern Arizona Wolverines.

#3 Santa Clarita Skyhawks 4-0 (Pac West) – The Skyhawks have had 2 weeks off and are back in action this week against a tough Spartans team that needs a win to stay alive in the play off race, the Skyhawks are looking to host the semi final and a win over the Spartans puts them in the driver’s seat.

#4 Vegas Trojans (WWFL)- The Trojans kick off their season vs. the Sin City Raiders Saturday.

#5 Riverside Redskins 4-0 (Independent) – The Redskins took down the Compton Panthers 28-0 and are now prepared for next weeks game against the Vegas Hawks. The Redskins defense has been key will the Hawks who struggled in San Diego be able to crack the stingy Redskins defense?

#6 Phoenix Phantoms 3-1 (AZGFL)- The Phantoms shut out the struggling East Valley Ravens 24-0 to maintain their collision course with the Phoenix Outlaws for the top spot in the AZGFL. Up next the 3-1 Yuma Sun Devils in a battle for 2nd place.

#7 Yuma Sun Devils 3-1 (AZGFL)- The Sun Devils are sitting at 3-1 following  a 37-0 loss vs the Phoenix Outlaws, the Sun Devils are now in a battle for second with the Phoenix Phantoms this week. A win shoots the Sun Devils up possibly into the top 5 a loss may push them out of the top 10.

#8 San Diego Hornets 1-0 (Independent/Pac West)- The Hornets are playing a season where they are members of the Pac West but not eligible for play offs due to their pulling out and re-entering the league, however they are eligible as an independent, they started their 2015 campagin off with a 36-6 win over the Vegas Hawks, up next Bakersfield Broncos this week.

#9 High Desert Rams 2-1 (Pac West)- The Rams started slow but after a forfeit victory over the East LA Spartans and a 22-20 win over the Desert Vipers the Rams keep themselves in the hunt for a play off spot in the Pac West and in the overall top 10, the Rams are off until March 14.

#10 Vegas Panthers 1-0 (WWFL)- The Panthers kicked off their 2015 campaign with a 20- 12 victory over the Idaho All Stars in non-league play. The Panthers get back to action with a a battle vs. the Compton Panthers Saturday.

#11 East LA Spartans 1-3 (Pac West)- The Spartans have been much improved but what started out as a promising season has now turned into borderline do or die time, follwing a tough loss to the Elite can they rebound vs. the Skyhawks this week is the question.

#12 Northern Arizona Wolverines 2-2 (AZGFL)- The Wolverines find themselves at 2-2 after a hard fought win over the Imperial Valley Knights 12-6. They are now in the driver’s seat for the 4th seed in the AZGFL play offs they will get a play off preview as they face the #1 Phoenix Outlaws on Saturday.

#13 Compton Panthers 0-2 (WWFL/Independent)- The Panthers after 2 losses to the Redskins are now ready to start the WWFL portion of their schedule up first the Vegas Panthers.

#14 Vegas Steelers 0-1 (WWFL)- The Steelers formerly Cobras have been preparing for the upcoming WWFL season, we will see where they stand March 14th when they take on the Vegas Trojans.

#15 Desert Vipers 0-2 (Pac West)- The Vipers just came up short against the High Desert Rams in a 22-20 loss, and a win in 2 weeks over the Spartans gives the upstart Vipers a shot at the play offs.

#16 Imperial Valley Knights 0-4 (AZGFL)- The Knights just came up short against the N. Arizona Wolverines dropping to 0-4 on the year, up next a battle with long time rival the East Valley Ravens, the loser is for all intents and purposes eliminated from play off contention.

#17 East Valley Ravens 0-4 (AZGFL)- The Ravens find themselves in a do or die situation; this week is an all or nothing battle with the Imperial Valley Knights, the winner has a chance to catch the Wolverines the loser is playing for pride.

#18 Vegas Hawks 0-1 (WWFL)- The Hawks struggled in their debut in San Diego, but this week it rolls into a confrontation with the #5 ranked Redskins, can the Hawks get on track or with the Redskins defense smother them as they have their 4 previous opponents.

#19 Sin City Raiders (WWFL)- The Raiders open up Saturday against the Vegas Trojans with an opportunity to provide the first big upset of the season.

#20 Inland Empire Ryders (Independent)- The Ryders are continuing to build until their debut March 28, lets see if they can make some noise in April and May.

#21 Valley Heat 0-3 (Independent)- The Heat even in a part time schedule have struggled mightily lets see if they continue to play this spring or sit out as they have cancelled this weeks upcoming game with the Steelers.


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