West Coast Championship Rankings Week 5

Pac West Scores:

Santa Clarita Skyhawks 21-East LA Spartans 6

San Diego Hornets 16- Bakersfield Broncos 14


AZGFL Scores:

Phoenix Outlaws 63- Northern Arizona Wolverines 12

Phoenix Phantoms 55- Yuma Sun Devils 0

Imperial Valley Knights 30- East Valley Ravens 6


WWFL/Independent Scores:

Vegas Trojans 6- Sin City Raiders 0 (Forfeit)

Vegas Steelers 6- Valley Heat 0 (Forfeit)

Riverside Redskins 42- Vegas Hawks 8

Compton Panthers 36- Vegas Panthers 0



#1 So Cal Elite 3-0 (Pac West) – The Elite remain #1 after a week off, up next a battle with the High Desert Rams.

#2Phoenix Outlaws 5-0 (AZGFL) – The Outlaws defeated the Northern Arizona Wolverines 63-12 and begin the second round of the season with a match up against the win less East Valley Ravens.

#3 Santa Clarita Skyhawks 5-0 (Pac West) – The Skyhawks gutted out a tough 21-6 win over the East LA Spartans, up next a top 5 battle against the Riverside Redskins.

#4 Vegas Trojans (WWFL)- The Trojans are 1-0 after a forfeit by the Sin City Raiders so we have to wait one more week before we get to see the 2015 Trojans.

#5 Riverside Redskins 5-0 (Independent) – The Redskins defeated the Vegas Hawks 42-8 and move on to a 5-0 vs 5-0 battle against the #3 ranked Skyhawks this weekend.

#6 Phoenix Phantoms 4-1 (AZGFL)- The Phantoms routed the Yuma Sun Devils 55-0 and seem to have hit their stride on both sides of the ball, up next the Imperial Valley Knights who are coming off of their first victory of the season.

#7 San Diego Hornets 2-0 (Independent/Pac West)- The Hornets came back from the long road trip to Bakersfield with a hard fought 16-14 victory over the Broncos, the Hornets get a week off before a home and away series with the High Desert Rams March 21 & 28.

#8 High Desert Rams 2-1 (Pac West)- The Rams are back in action this week hosting the #1 Ranked So Cal Elite after a week off, lets see if the Rams can slow down the West Coast’s #1 team.

#9 Yuma Sun Devils 3-1 (AZGFL)- The Sun Devils are on a 2 game losing streak after beginning the season 3-0 they are looking to rebound this weekend at home vs. the Northern Arizona Wolverines.

#10 Compton Panthers 1-2 (WWFL/Independent)- The Panthers after a rough start vs Cali rivals found their stride vs their first WWFL opponent the Vegas Panthers with a 36-0 victory, with the status of the Sin City Raiders unknown the Panthers next game may be March 21 vs. Vegas Steelers.

#11 East LA Spartans 1-4 (Pac West)- The Spartans are hanging on for their play off lives but still have a chance to control their own destiny in regards to qualifying for the play offs, with only 5 teams eligible for play offs only the top 3 teams get in this weeks game vs. the Desert Vipers is step one for the Spartans getting into the play offs.

#12 Northern Arizona Wolverines 2-3 (AZGFL)- The Wolverines found themselves on the wrong end of a 63-12 loss to the Outlaws but find themselves in a key match up against the Yuma Sun Devils, a win solidifies their play off status a loss opens the door for the Imperial Valley Knights to get back in the running.

#13 Imperial Valley Knights 1-4 (AZGFL)- The Knights got back in play off contention with a 30-6 win over the East Valley Ravens and now have a match up with the red hot Phoenix Phantoms.

#14 Vegas Steelers 1-1 (WWFL)- The Steelers got a forfeit victory of the Valley Heat, it looks like their first action of the regular season will be against the #3 ranked Trojans in Vegas on Sunday.

#15 Desert Vipers 0-2 (Pac West)- The Vipers just came up short against the High Desert Rams in a 22-20 loss, and a win this week over the Spartans gives the upstart Vipers a shot at the play offs.

#16 Vegas Panthers 1-1 (WWFL)- The Panthers had a rough road trip to Cali to take on Compton in a battle of Panthers losing 36-0 on the road, up next a bye then the Redskins in Vegas in 2 weeks.

#17 Vegas Hawks 0-2 (WWFL)- The Hawks have had a rough start but 2 straight road trips to California vs 2 top 10 teams is no easy task this week they have to see what happens with the WWFL schedule to the status of the Raiders, but after that hit the road again this time to Utah to take on the Lions.

#18 East Valley Ravens 0-5 (AZGFL)- The Ravens find themselves win less and heading into a match up with the AZGFL juggernaut Phoenix Outlaws,  a loss here will all but eliminate the Ravens from play off contention.

#19 Sin City Raiders (WWFL)- The Raiders forfeit their season opener and their future status regarding this season is unknown.

#20 Inland Empire Ryders (Independent)- The Ryders are continuing to build until their debut March 28, lets see if they can make some noise in April and May.

#21 Valley Heat 0-3 (Independent)- The Heat even in a part time schedule have struggled mightily lets see if they continue to play this spring or sit out until Fall.


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