West Coast Championship Rankings Week 6

Pac West Scores

So Cal Elite 10-High Desert Rams 6

East LA Spartans 28- Desert Vipers 14

Santa Clarita Skyhawks 21- Riverside Redskins 14


AZGFL Scores

Phoenix Outlaws 10- East Valley Ravens 0

Phoenix Phantoms 47- Imperial Valley Knights 6

Yuma Sun Devils 28- Northern Arizona Wolverines 16


WWFL Scores

Vegas Trojans 34- Vegas Steelers 0

Vegas Hawks 28- Vegas Panthers 0



#1 So Cal Elite 4-0 (Pac West) – The Elite escaped with a dramatic 10-6 victory over the High Desert Rams, up next a rematch with the East LA Spartans.

#2Phoenix Outlaws 6-0 (AZGFL) – The Outlaws defeated a much improved East Valley Ravens squad 10-0 to remain undefeated and in the top spot in the AZGFL, next up the Imperial Valley Knights.

#3 Santa Clarita Skyhawks 6-0 (Pac West) – The Skyhawks pulled out a 21-14 victory over the previously undefeated Riverside Redskins and have cemented themselves as one of the top teams on the West Coast, up next the Desert Vipers.

#4 Vegas Trojans (WWFL)- The Trojans are 2-0 after their 34-0 victory over the Las Vegas Steelers and are headed to Utah for a battle with the Sting this coming weekend.

#5 Phoenix Phantoms 5-1 (AZGFL)- The Phantoms continued their path of destruction routing the Imperial Valley Knights 47-6, this week’s opponent the Northern Arizona Wolverines.

#6 San Diego Hornets 2-0 (Independent/Pac West)- The Hornets are back after a week of and ready for a home and home series the next two weeks against the Rams they start the series Saturday on the road in Victorville.

#7 Riverside Redskins 5-1 (Independent) – The Redskins suffered their first defeat of the season 21-14 at the hands of the #3 Ranked Skyhawks, the look to bounce back in a couple of weeks after their BYE.

#8 Yuma Sun Devils 4-2 (AZGFL)- The Sun Devils are back on track for the #3 seed and home date in the opening week of the AZGFL play offs, a  win this week over a much improved Ravens squad would lock in the #3 seed for the Sun Devils.

#9 High Desert Rams 2-2 (Pac West)- The Rams drop only 1 spot after just narrowly handing the Elite their first loss, this week they host the Hornets in the first of 2 straight games between the teams.

#10 East LA Spartans 2-4 (Pac West)- The Spartans are still in the hunt after a 28-14 win over the Desert Vipers, up next round 2 vs. the So Cal Elite.

#11 Compton Panthers 1-2 (WWFL/Independent)- The Panthers are headed to Vegas to play the Vegas Panthers once again, the Compton Panthers dominated the game in Cali a couple of weeks ago lets see how it goes this week on the road.

#12 Northern Arizona Wolverines 2-4 (AZGFL)- The Wolverines lost a tough game vs the Yuma Sun Devils this past weekend but need to step up as this week they take on the red hot Phantoms.

#13 Vegas Hawks 1-2 (WWFL)- The Hawks after 2 games in Cali came home to Vegas and won 28-0 over the Panthers this week they head to Utah to play the Lions.

#14 Imperial Valley Knights 1-4 (AZGFL)- The Knights were wiped out by the Phoenix Phantoms and now have to face the #2 ranked Outlaws at home this weekend, the Knights are just looking to hold on to the #5 spot in the AZGFL.

#15 Desert Vipers 0-3 (Pac West)- The Vipers once again fought hard and just came up short against the East LA Spartans this week they take on the red hot Skyhawks.

#16 East Valley Ravens 0-6 (AZGFL)- The Ravens are sitting in last but after a 10-0 loss to the Phoenix Outlaws find themselves climbing up the rankings, they need  win over the Knights to end up the bottom seed in the AZGFL, but up next in what might be a play off preview they face the Yuma Sun Devils.

#17 Vegas Panthers 1-2 (WWFL)- The Panthers have not scored since the start of their regular season and need to come up with some offense for this week’s rematch against the Compton Panthers or risk falling into the bottom of the rankings.

#18 Vegas Steelers 1-2 (WWFL)- The Steelers ran into a Trojan team out for blood and were defeated 34-0, after some reshuffling of the schedule the Steelers are off this week the question is will the resume play the following week?

#19 Inland Empire Ryders (Independent)- The Ryders are a week away from their debut March 28 vs the East LA Spartans.

#20 Valley Heat 0-3 (Independent)- The Heat even in a part time schedule have struggled mightily lets see if they continue to play this spring or sit out until Fall.


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