West Coast Championship Rankings Week 10

Pac West Scores:

So Cal Elite 28- Riverside Redskins 12

Santa Clarita Skyhawks 21- High Desert Rams 20

East LA Spartans 34- Desert Vipers 32

San Diego Hornets 41- Ensenada Diablos 14


AZGFL Scores:

Phoenix Outlaws 48- Yuma Sun Devils 3

Phoenix Phantoms 26- East Valley Ravens 6

Phoenix Eagles 42- Northern Arizona Wolverines 8

WWFL Scores:

Vegas Hawks 44- Compton Panthers 6


*Note we did not post rankings for the games played the weekend of April 4th which was Easter Weekend as only Pac West Teams played*



#1 So Cal Elite 8-0 (Pac West) – The Elite defeated the IE Ryders 42-0 on Easter weekend and defeated the Riverside Redskins 28-12 to push themselves to 8-0 on the season, the Elite travel to San Diego to face the 4-1 Hornets this weekend.

#2Phoenix Outlaws 9-0 (AZGFL) – The Outlaws came off the Easter Holiday with a 48-3 beating of the Yuma Sun Devils up next the battle for the #1 seed with the Phoenix Phantoms.

#3 Santa Clarita Skyhawks 9-0 (Pac West) – The Skyhawks defeated the Desert Vipers Easter weekend, and faced a strong challenge from the High Desert Rams winning 21-20, they travel to East LA in the rematch with the Spartans.

#4 Phoenix Phantoms 8-1 (AZGFL)- The Phantoms are in line at an shot to take over the #1 seed in the AZGFL and even with 1 loss have moved up a spot in the Rankings, as it has been stated before they may be the hottest team in the west, they came off the holiday break with a 26-6 win over the East Valley Ravens.

#5 Vegas Trojans 4-0 (WWFL)- The Trojans haven’t played since before Easter and nothing has been stated other than they will not be a part of the LCFL this fall…The Trojans move down only due ti inactivity and uncertainty about their team.

#6 San Diego Hornets 4-1 (Independent/Pac West)- The Hornets move to 4-1 after winning against the Diablos from Ensenada, this weekend they host the only other So Cal Team to host the Diablos this season the #1 Ranked So Cal Elite a win by the Hornets can definitely shake things up….

#7 High Desert Rams 4-4 (Pac West)- The Rams are 4-4 after a win over the East LA Spartans 42-22 Easter Weekend and a 1 point loss vs. the #3 ranked Skyhawks, however don’t let the .500 record fool you the Rams were 3 points from beating the Elite and 1 point from taking down the Skyhawks, up next the Desert Vipers.

#8 Riverside Redskins 5-3 (Independent) – The Redskins started out 5-0 and have found themselves on the opposite side of that with 3 straight losses, lucky for them no one else has gained any ground. Up next the Redskins will face the IE Ryders.

#9 Yuma Sun Devils 5-4 (AZGFL)- The Sun Devils have found themselves in a tough position they have been able to take down the teams such as the Kights, Ravens, ad Wolverines but have yet to beat another AZGFL team with a winning record. Up next should be their toughest challenge outside of the Phantoms and Outlaws, the Phoenix Eagles.

#10 East LA Spartans 4-6 (Pac West)- The Spartans have had some ups and downs in the last couple of weeks with a 42-22 loss at the Rams and a hard nosed performance in a 34-32 win over the Desert Vipers mathematically eliminating the Vipers and taking the #4 spot in the Pac West, but up next the Santa Clarita Skyhawks.

#11 Phoenix Eagles 2-0 (AZGFL)- The Eagles seem to be settling into their new environment in the AZGFL quite nicely as the dominated the Northern Arizona Wolverines 42-8, this weekend will see them face their first AZGFL opponent with a winning record the Yuma Sun Devils.

#12 Vegas Hawks 3-3 (WWFL)- The Hawks won 44-6 over the Compton Panthers to move up to 3-3 and 2nd in the WWFL, on the horizon looms a showdown with the Trojans to determine the WWFL champion.

#13 Northern Arizona Wolverines 2-7 (AZGFL)- The Wolverines first year growing pains continued vs. the AZGFL new comer Phoenix Eagles in the form of a 42-8 loss, up next in the regular season finale the East Valley Ravens.

#14 Compton Panthers 1-4 (WWFL/Independent)- The Panthers took a 44-6 loss to the Vegas Hawks which has sent the team into a downward spiral, not sure what’s next for the Panthers but it’s not looking so good.

#15Imperial Valley Knights 1-6 (Independent)- The Knights are now a California Independent after playing 7 weeks in the AZGFL, next up the IE Ryders.

#16 Desert Vipers 0-7 (Pac West)- The Vipers dropped a game to the Skyhawks and a nail bitter to the East LA Spartans 34-22, this week the face the Pac West version of the Cardiac Kids the High Desert Rams.

#17 East Valley Ravens 0-9 (AZGFL)- The Ravens have not won a game but have been fiercely competitive since mid season, week 10 is their best opportunity to break the goose egg against the struggling Northern Arizona Wolverines.

#18 Vegas Panthers 1-3 (WWFL)- The Panthers season is in question all we know is they haven’t scored since their pre season win over Idaho.

#19 Inland Empire Ryders 0-2 (Independent/Pac West)- The Ryders are 0-2 and have faced the Spartans and So Cal Elite in their first 2 games ever, they are looking to rebound this week against local Rival the 5-3 Riverside Redskins.

#20 Vegas Steelers 1-2 (WWFL)- The Steelers are done for the Spring look for them to come back in the Summer/Fall as the Vegas Saints.

#21 Valley Heat 0-3 (Independent)- The Heat even in a part time schedule have struggled mightily lets see if they continue to play this spring or sit out until Fall.


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