AZGFL Play Off Preview

The AZGFL play offs start this weekend here is the play off Preview:ScreenShot078


#1 Phoenix Phantoms (9-1)- The Phantoms at 9-1 are currently ranked #3 overall in the West Coast Championship Standings and are in my opinion the hottest team on the West Coast. The Elite and Skyhawks in Cali are both undefeated but they have yet to face each other and aside from a narrow loss opening day the Outlaws were dominant 8 weeks in a row before a tough victory of the only team that beat them the Phoenix Outlaws. The Phantoms will have a bye and await the lowest remaining seed following the wild card round.

#2 Phoenix Outlaws (9-1)- The Outlaws went 9 weeks undefeated and as the #2 team on the west coast but hit a speed bump when they faced the red hot Phantoms. The Outlaws also get a bye to regroup and re focus on getting the rubber match with the Phantoms for the AZGFL title.

Wild Card Round – #6 East Valley Ravens (1-9) @ #3 Yuma Sun Devils (5-5)

On paper this should be a walk through for the Sun Devils but in reality there is much uncertainty in the lead up to this game. The Ravens won their first and only game of the year in week 10 and the Sun Devils lost the only forfeit game of the season in the AZGFL in week 10. As has been par for the course for teams from Yuma there is heavy participation on the team from players from the Military and at times it can be a bit difficult to field a team when the players have orders or are deployed. The Ravens on the other hand became more competitive as the season drew to a close even playing the #2 seeded Outlaws close along the way, a win over the Sun Devils puts them at the Phantoms, while a Sun Devils victory ensures a trip to the Outlaws.


Wild Card Round- #5 Northern Arizona Wolverines (2-8) @ #4 Desert Eagles (3-0)

The Northern Arizona Wolverines are coming to the end of their first season and overall have been solid, it’s been a tough road but they have played hard and competitive but I feel they are over matched this week. The Desert Eagles are a different albeit original story for this season. They began the year as members of the AZFL and after a dispute and the AZGFL dismissing the Imperial Valley Knights, they were granted a special circumstances entry into the AZGFL and now sit at 3-0 and hosting a wild card game. The Eagles came into the schedule at a point in which they didn’t have any remaining games to play the Phantoms and Outlaws so in the play offs will be a first time match up depending on how the seeding goes following the Wild Card round, but the Eagles defeated both the Ravens and Wolverines soundly and a forfeit victory over the Sun Devils in week 10.



East Valley Ravens over Yuma Sun Devils

Desert Eagles over Northern Arizona Wolverines

Good luck to all AZ teams we’ll see you next week!



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