The Pac West Football league kicks off its 6th season of Spring Football in Southern California on February 25, 2017. The Pac West has produced several nationally and west coast ranked teams. In 2012 The league Champion So Cal Coyotes were also the Spring National Championship runner up losing to the New Mexico Titans. In addition to the Coyotes the 3 other play off teams in the Pac West ended up ranked in the national top 20 including the Desert Divison Champion Sin City Saints out of Las Vegas at #9, the Peoria Patriots out of Arizona at #11, and the San Diego Thundercats at #15.  In 2013 the Pac West Champion So Cal Elite were named the top new team for 2013 and the High Desert Rams the league runner up were also ranked in the top 20.

Over the past 6 years the league has established itself as one of the top Spring Leagues on the West Coast and will be working to build a Southern California, Arizona, Las Vegas alliance to crown a West Coast Champion. In 2015 the league also began to run fall seasons as well


League Comissioner Justin Mc Kenzie

League Commissioner Justin Mc Kenzie
















The Pac West was founded in 2012 by Justin Mc Kenzie as a way to help players keep active during the “off season” . Justin who has spent 15 years playing and coaching in Spring and Summer leagues including the CFL, NIFL, AF2, Italian Football League, German Football League, Austrian Football League, Maple League in Finland, British American Football League, Swiss American Football League, American Football Auckland in New Zealand, Steeledome Gladi8tors 8 man new Zealand, OMFA Pro Mexico, and Panama Major Football League. From 2003-2016 as a player coach Justin has reached a league or tournament championship game 18 times within 14 years including 10 league championships and 2 tournament championships.

As a football asministrator and trainer Justin founded the Pac West on the West Coast and the Super 8 Football League in Baja California, Mexico and the West Coast. Additionally Justin has helped numerous players around the globe land professional contracts in leagues all around the world, his travel team the Duo Sports Thundercats. The Thundercats have participated in international tours all around the world including England, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Mexico and Italy. In league play the Thundercats have played in the Super 8 Football League in Mexico in where they have won 4 championships and appeared in 6 straight championship games, in the Super 8 West Coast league in the United States the Thundercats won the inaugural Super 8 West Coast Fall Championship in 2016. With players from over 19 countries having been members of the Thundercats and Justin having placed players on pro teams in the US, Mexico, Central America, South America, Australia & New Zealand, and Europe he has created a global network to help athletes reach the next level and have the experience of their life times.

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